Need Learning Development Contractors?

So, you want something done, but you don’t have anyone to do it?  You either don’t have anyone with the skills, or you have people with the skills but they’re just way too busy.  And you can’t wait. Sounds like it’s time for Learning Development Contractors?

But you don’t want just anyone; you want a trusted pair of hands with experience in Learning Development Contracting. Who do you trust? Inspire Assist, of course. But what’s that got to do with a Learning Development Contractor?

Glad you asked. Some years ago we realised that we could do way more than develop market-leading learning for you. We realised that we can give you awesome Learning Development Contractors. It hit us like a ton of bricks when we put two and two together. Those specialist Learning Development Contractors who were calling us, some of whom were actually great, were sometimes close to the skill level of our own people.  If we worked with them to build their skills, tried them on our in-house work, and tested their abilities regularly, they might, just might, be good enough to do some of your work.  And hey presto, they could.

Since then, we’ve developed a loyal group of specialists, all of whom are Learning Development Contractors.  And now they’re available for you whenever and wherever you need.

Our Associates are good to go. They have the backing of the whole of Inspire Group and for you, it’ll feel seamless; just another Inspire Group person giving you the best learning and development solution there is to give. And you can rest easy knowing that great people are doing great work.

We would love to discuss your specific learning project. Get in touch to see how we can help.