We believe that great leadership changes lives.

Inspire Leaders co-creates and delivers solutions that go way beyond traditional leadership training to grow, challenge and nurture great individual and organisational leadership.  Because not all great leaders are born; we need to continually learn, practice and grow in all aspects of our lives.


A Way of Being

Leadership is simply a way of being, not a sequence of doing things. It’s about the how, rather than the what.

Because of this, we infuse three key themes through all our leadership solutions:



Leadership Training and Growth Mindset


Of course, leadership and business fundamentals are important, but only alongside ongoing development of your mind, body and soul.



We believe in the simplicity of learning, and in maximising impact and value for the learner through applying bold thought leadership.

How we do this is even simpler. It’s about context over content, subject matter experience rather than just ‘expertise’, continual growth and reflection, and a practical grounding in how this can help me today.

This approach isn’t just preferable; it’s essential. But don’t just take our word for it: here’s what McKinsey say about why many leadership development interventions just don’t hit the spot!



Of course, there are many leadership providers out there. And all of them will be ‘different’, ‘special’ or ‘unique’ in some way.

So, why Inspire Leaders?

Simple. With us, there isn’t a single thing that makes us unique or special. In fact, there are several.

And it’s this combination that enables life changing learning.




Through our offices in New Zealand and Australia, and our fantastic global network of associates and collaborators,

we are now proudly developing leaders in 21 countries!

And we are currently considering a very exciting new location in Malaysia.

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