This organisation works in an industry where constant changes and tight time frames are the norm.
The training manager approached us to bring to life a PowerPoint presentation for the development of a video module using solid instructional design principles. This was to be based on a previous module and the requirement was to develop interesting visual emphasis in keeping with the previous module.


The most efficient (and cost effective) solution that Inspire could offer was the provision of an experienced instructional designer on site to produce the module. Karen, an online learning expert, was able to pick up this piece of work at short notice and create an exceptionally good module. She went into ASB and worked on site with the client to ensure that material looked identical to the existing module and met the same standards the learners were familiar with. Karen thoroughly enjoyed the job, and the feedback from the client was excellent.
Here is a quote from the client: “From my perspective, I thought it flowed beautifully and was a great extension to the previous module. I thought the illustrations and times emphasis were close to perfect. All clean, neat, perfectly aligned and most important helped my understanding of the content. In short I loved it!”