FairWay Resolution is a professional services firm that works with clients to prevent, manage, resolve and learn from conflict.



FairWay Resolution came to Inspire Group with a need to improve their onboarding and induction process.

They were going through a number of changes including rebranding, a change in strategic focus and taking on a number of new employees. The existing method for inducting new employees was ad hoc and needed some dramatic improvements to ensure a seamless and consistent process.



Our goal was to create a cost-effective onboarding and induction process that ensured all new employees and contractors could be brought up to speed quickly and get a sense of the FairWay Resolution culture, so they felt excited about their new role.

Everything we did put the new employee at the heart of the process so they were in control of their induction.

As part of our solution we developed four resources to assist in the induction process:

  1. New Employee Booklet
  2. Manager’s Guide
  3. Buddy Guide
  4. Welcome to Your New Role Pamphlet


The feedback received from FairWay Resolution has been really positive.

The Board were impressed with the Induction Pack, the CE loves it and the managers are thrilled to have a real tool/resource that gives them a clear structured approach to inducting new staff.  New staff have commented that they haven’t seen anything like this previously and they have felt valued.  It has got them off to a good start at FairWay.” Project Sponsor

“It’s been an intensive induction manual, helpful and pretty concise. The first of its kind I’ve come across so far in my career” New FairWay Employee