Firth is New Zealand's largest and only national concrete company. Established in 1865, it now has a team of over 650 people, working in more than 65 plant sites throughout New Zealand. Firth train staff to the highest standard, and recognise that learning should be kept informative and stimulating. So, Inspire was called in to help out. 

The Challenge

Our clients recognise that environmental awareness is key to sustainable development in society. Legacy paper-based manuals and group PowerPoint presentations were being used to provide employees with best-practice expectations, however, these were not used frequently and offered limited engagement and scalability. A more modern, technology-focused solution was required to create improved buy-in from the learners and ensure Firth employees understand the impact its operations could have in this space.

The Solution

Inspire Group designed and developed a series of short, engaging and highly visual mobile learning modules that all employees could access from any location, on any device, and at any time. The visual identity of the suite of modules was consistent to create more of a learning journey feel.


The Result

Our client has been delighted with the uptake and engagement with the suite of learning modules. Learners have shared that they are fun, informative and a more effective way to communicate key messages and expectations than long manuals and face-to-face presentations.

The modules have subsequently been developed to expand to other areas of the company due the success of this initial project.


Lily Jones  |  National Environmental Advisor

"Inspire helped us develop an interactive, engaging solution to educate our team on the impacts Firth’s operation has on the environment. Inspire made the scoping and delivery process easy, fun and effective. The modules have been well received by learners."


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