Meridian is New Zealand’s largest renewable energy generator.



Meridian knows their people are core to their business. Having everyone clear about where they’re heading and focused on getting there is vital to maintaining a great team.

For this their leaders need to be empowered and supported with simple and effective tools for managing performance and development. Tools that are actually fun to use.

Meridian Energy


Online learning is a great tool for introducing a new way of working. Using integrated graphics and a compelling story we produced a solution that reflects Meridian's culture perfectly. It’s simple, lively and highly interactive.

The module engaged the learner with a “Why should I care?” animated story. This invited the learner to explore their own motivations. We then used a reference-based approach for those all-important HR policies. Directing the learner to those resources that they will use on the job. We then showed the relevance of those resources by having them use these to solve challenges presented throughout the module.

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