Employees need to be aware of and on board with the company’s compliance policies to promote an inclusive, diverse and safe workplace for employees and customers.



Over 10,000 team members in stores and distribution centres across the country.


The audience included learners from both customer-facing and back-of-house roles, so finding the right balance of relevant, relatable examples and scenarios for each learning piece was key to keeping the learners engaged. The modules also needed to be implemented on a new LMS.



Working together with Target subject matter experts, we were able to ensure the right focus for each policy and identify appropriate scenarios that would be relatable to everyone in the audience, even if the examples were not specifically related to their individual roles.

The result was three short, mobile-friendly learning modules with the right balance of 'policy-speak', conversational language and customised graphics for the varied audience to relate to, allowing them to translate skills from the learning to apply on the job.