Group work at Victoria University

VU Innovations is a branch of Victoria University that focuses on supporting students in developing new ideas.



Innovations identified the need to create an online learning module for the Group Skills Complementary activity.



Victoria University students who look to fulfil their credit requirements. They use their mobile phones for almost anything – so it was imperative we built a fully responsive, mobile-friendly module.



These students have short attention spans and are often time poor. Most of the time they just want to go in and out, complete the module and earn the credits. So we needed to make it easy for them. The real challenge was to turn a one-hour, face-to-face workshop into a 10-minute online module.


Inspire Group worked closely with VU Innovations to ‘strip the workshop bare’ and  come up with just a couple of main points to cover. We used illustrations to tell a story, and in some cases the illustrations became the content itself. We spent a considerable amount of time wordsmithing so each screen has no more than three short paragraphs.